Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement

An invisible but clearly audible component of your event is the sound reinforcement aspect, and it cannot be achieved accordingly if certain criteria has not been observed and analyzed

Considerations are many but ones of note are;

1. What is the application? ( spoken word video/audio playback and musical performance )
2. How does the space respond from a spatial and acoustical stand point?
3. The size and location of the audience.
4. The style number and speaker placement.

All the these varying elements will guide us to give you the sound reinforcement which is most suited for you and your audience. We will do our front work diligently to provide the various microphones, mixing consoles, and the associated cables to make the application for your event space clean, clear and concise. This is yet another Audio Visual Service we provide.

Our technicians and audio engineers along with our state of the art productions tools will be applied, to give your event a defined and professional sound profile sure to complement the look and feel of your space. Line array concert sound systems, dynamic or passive speakers, digital or analogue mixers are all tools to be considered for any given event and budget.

Throw Distance AV will provide these tested and true concepts no matter the room and audience size. From main rooms concert applications to break out room, sleek and low profile speaker systems.

Let Throw Distance AV work with you in designing the sound reinforcement package best suited for your needs.