Projection / Video

Projection / Video

High Definition Projection has taken some incredible leaps and bounds and this has translated directly to giving your audience a vivid and clear vision of your message.

HD Projections Switching, Edge Blending are all ways in which we can bring you and your audience together on a journey of bright and clear colors on both Large Format Screens to other smaller format applications. Yet another Audio Visual Service provided by Throw Distance A.V.S. 

Ask about our Pandora’s Box software technology that is capable of completely transforming any event space. This technology has been used to splash seam blended images in very creative ways sure to motivate and inspire your captivated audience.

Our Multi Media specialists will bring this to you as one of the many tools that Throw Distance AV can feature at your next event. Allow us to make this very powerful and complex medium a tool which is at your disposal in a user friendly and approachable way.

Bring us into your vision and watch your idea transform from your vision to a vision shared amongst your audience.

When considering putting together an event speak to us about this visual aid sure to impact your audience in ways unimaginable