Presentation Management

Presentation Management

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As an Event Organizer the challenges of gathering presentations, managing the arrival times of presenters and their technology can be harrowing. Mismatched versions of operating systems on various show laptops can be confusing,  ineffective and in some cases show stopping just as your audience is waiting for a delivery on a presentation. 

Delivering a presentation or organizing a conference can be extraordinarily stressful as it is,  especially at larger conferences with multiple rooms and presentations going on simultaneously.

Presentation Management systems take a huge burden off presenters and organizers and ensure a seamless quality to a multiple presentation conference. This is a an Audio Visual Service that you do not want to pass by.

Our state-of-the-art presentation management solutions can be adapted to suit conferences and conventions of all types and sizes. The systems allow presenters to upload their presentations to our secure servers in the days or weeks before the event. We give your speakers all the information they need to get all their presentation related content onto our secure server quickly and easily.

Then the on-site portion of your Presentation Management system begins. Our highly trained team of audio visual and IT professionals will integrate a custom network in the conference venue that includes a dedicated presentation content server. That server contains all the previously uploaded presentation materials: Power Point slides, notes, text, pictures and video. Our team will configure the system to deliver the appropriate digital content to the right workshop, auditorium, or breakout room at the right time.