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Top 10 Managerial Mistakes

  1. Hard Nose

You don’t have to be a “hard nose” to get things done. Find the balance that is best for you and operate within your comfort zone.

  1. Public Ridicule

Being condescending and reprimanding individuals in front of a group of their peers is not the way to discipline anyone. Take the time to speak to that individual in private, be objective and respectful.

  1. There is no such thing as a dumb question

Never make anyone in your team feel like they have just asked you a “stupid” question. It is important to build trust. Think twice before you answer and always ask yourself, “did I convey my ideas clearly enough to begin with?”

  1. Proper Discipline

When something has happened and you need to discipline, do not shoot first and ask questions later. Take the time to ask the questions find out the story from as many angles as possible and then deal with the solution.

  1. Constructive Criticism

Do not just take note when there is constructive criticism on the performance of your team. Take note and allow them to know when they have done a great job as well.

  1. Problems and Solutions

Listen to your team and empower them to come up with solutions to problems as they occur. There is no point in telling them that you want to hear solutions and not problems if you will not allow them to take some control over their own destiny.

  1. Personal Biases are no Barometer

Do not make decisions based on subjective impression and do not be driven by personal biases. Manage the team on the merit of job performance. It is about their ability to fulfill a function and ultimately you are serving the end result, not your personal opinion.

  1. Not Practising what you preach

Do not have the attitude of “Do as I say not what I do” Roll up your sleeves and show your team you mean what you say and you live by the ideals which you are trying to convey. If you believe in what you say and do, so will your team. Lead by example.

  1. Do not  manage from a distance

Do not operate at arm’s length away. How can you possibly stay in tune with your team if you are not regularly seeing them and what they do, day to day. Find your balance of where you want to be in that spectrum but I would say do not choose to be at either end of the extremes.

  1.  Take responsibility

Show your team you can prioritize and be organised, and do not be reactionary. if things are falling through the cracks, there is either an organizational problem or a work load problem. Be wise enough to know what the problem is and work to fix it. There is no value in over working staff to the point where you have jeopardized an operational standard. This trickles down to your client and your client deserves the best from you and your team.

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