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The small mammoth

The advantages of running a small business
1. There is a directness which a small business has with its clientele in servicing, connecting, planning and applying changes as they arise. A small business is flexible in a way, which a large business cannot possibly be..
2. Start up capital for a small business can be fairly unsubstantial. Organic relationships can occur with clientele that feel invested in the growth of your company.
3. In running a small business, it is possible to create a schedule for yourself that allows you to obtain the clients while placing a small number of people to run the day to day operation. The real currency is time.
4. A small business in a saturated market, can stand out above the crowd with increased effectiveness over the larger company counterpart, by differentiating itself, finding specializations and redirecting focus as the market changes.
5. The journey work flow in a small company is much more clear and concise. The smaller the company the less a “broken telephone” scenario will, and can occur. In a small business environment it is a great time to establish effective journey work flow so when the small company does eventually experience growth, or an unexpected busy period, it can do so in a clear and functional way.
6. At this stage of any business your affiliations partnership and suppliers are key. In many cases, your overhead can remain low as you find ways of symbiotically sharing the responsibilities and rewards with your internal and external teams.

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