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Managerial Ideas and Philosophes

Many companies promote within and our industry is certainly no different.

People have gone from driving a truck, to working in the shop, being a technician on site to being a T.D. or some type of team lead.

There are those who grow, learn and move into their positions quite naturally. But some just move into those positions and have a tougher time adapting to all the new responsibilities and bring with them, old and bad habits.

When an individual is considered for a promotion within your company, it should be key that they have some basic training and understanding in their new role at the very least. The great misnomer is that the new title on the business card gives that individual all the skill that the title implies.

It should also be made clear, what is expected of them in that role and what it truly means from a practical standpoint. There is plenty of value in commending someone on a job well done, adversely there is little value in reprimanding someone for “making a mistake” when the lay of the land has not been clearly spelled out.

Communication is key.

It is also important to recognize when there is no one on your team that has the skill set to move into a management or lead role. To that end, searching outside your organization should be a consideration. This concept can pose as a great asset in both the short term and the long term.

In the short term you have a skilled person in place to fill in the spot which you need filled, and in the long term you have an individual who brings with him/her a fresh philosophy that is more consistent with true, current managerial and team lead applications. These skill sets and habits can be shared within your organization and a new culture can be sustained with minimal effort.

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