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Dare to stand out above the crowd!

How does a company diversify, differentiate and pivot in the attempt to stretch and stand out above the rest…and why?

This is a question which can keep those in various leading industry sectors  up at night, staring at the ceiling with the help of that warm luminance, which only a  favorite gadget can bring, be it Android or Apple.

It has been astounding to see the ways in which our industry has morphed, adapted and become a real fixture of expression and communication in the Event Industry.

In a micro way it is Event Production, in a macro way, we are very much, in the Experiential Marketing Business.  This is a paradigm which turns everything we do, on its ear.

It is no longer good enough just to sell the Audio Reinforcement, Lighting Design and Projection for an event, because more than ever we have become the conduit of communication, between our clients and their target audience.

There is a standard that we maintain for our longevity and significance in our industry, but  we have accomplished very little if we have not provided a complete service. Not just technical knowhow.

Our inspiration is drawn by the new technologies which captivate and inspire others. We have a duty to let our clients know what is trending. Live Streaming, Beacon Technology, Robotics, and other services. Kinect Solutions Touchitt apps and so many other interactive forms of communication.

So let’s go back to that original question…How does a company diversify, differentiate and pivot?

My answer would be, to align more narrowly, how you view your organization versus how your clients view your organization, because the disparity can be surprising. Connect with your clients’ needs, inspire, inform add value and solidify a long term partnership.

Nino Monaco


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