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10 Public speaking do’s and don’ts

Have you been called to present an idea or a product in front of countless strangers?

Have you developed a nervous tic as a result of your next speaking engagement?

Do the thoughts of uncertainty roll around in your head like lone marbles rattling you into a heaping mass?

Well look here good sir/madame fear and stress no more.

If there is one expert and friend inside the event space, during your speaking engagement, it is your Audio Visual Technical.

This individual has traversed the universe, up and about changing the world one speaker cable at a time.

This auspicious person is the first one in the room and the last one out. He/she is well versed in their expertise of choice, but he/she can verbalize coherent and educated thoughts pertaining to a wide variety of topics and seem quite believable…well after shaking off the jaded veneer with a coffee or two.

If there is one expertise that any good technician worth their salt, obtains during their tenure, it is that of the art of public speaking. Most good technicians have developed great theories and practices for those budding and experienced presenters alike.

For decades we have worked with the highest profile dignitaries and on the other end of the spectrum, novices standing in front of a room of strangers for the first time, and everything in between.


Here are some quick do’s and don’ts!


1. Do not practice until you get it right, practice until you cannot get it wrong.( This is not to be confused with over practicing )

2. Don’t let your presentation aid become your crutch

3. Do arrive early see the room, get the feel for the event and familiarize yourself with your audience first hand

4. Don’t show up in the middle of the meeting with a flash drive of the not so latest version of your presentation, expecting for things to go smoothly

5. Do get comfortable with the feel and characteristics of the room

6. Don’t “UM” and “Um” between words, practice silence and well timed pauses

7. Do speak with dynamics in your voice pausing speaking softly and changing volume and tone to highlight points in your presentation.

8. Don’t be monotonous

9. Do choose a mic that works for you. If you feel like you need a prop go with a wireless hand held.

A wireless Lav or Lapel mic is great if you are wearing a tie, if you are wearing a blouse you might want to request a vanity head set.

10. Don’t open with a joke if you do not have a good one, your high energy and spirit will be just fine, anything forced could work against you, and an off color joke could offend if you have not read the audience right.


Thanks you for reading!

More to come!

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