Entertainment Backline

Entertainment Backline

Do you have any experience with hiring musicians?

You have been put in charge of an important meeting, the responsibilities which have been given vary and amass drastically. You have a gala awards dinner complete with entertainers and this in addition to everything else you have taken on.

Let Throw Distance AV Services work with your entertainment team and bring them their requests via a “Technical Ryder” These can be quite simple to extremely complex documents to decipher and are meant for Throw Distance AV professional production staff to deal with. Audio Visual Rentals can help your entertainers to ensure that the show you envisioned is what your audience sees for themselves.

Throw Distance AV Services provides support for productions of all kinds, and has been doing so for many years. We have all the equipment needed to put on a big show, the expertise and experience to make it happen. From a few extra mics or speakers to complete the sound system, to full concert quality support including complete sound reinforcement and lighting systems, Throw Distance AV Services is the go-to source for entertainment support.

Our years in this area of production surpasses many others that suggest they provide the same service. Many of our productions staff are also accomplished musicians, and this is a unique skill set that we bring to the table when working with your talent and musicians.

As an organizer/producer/event coordinator we understand your job and responsibilities and we want to partner and take that journey with you from inception to completion. So do not hesitate call us for the ultimate in Audio Visual Rentals Toronto!