Employment Opportunities, Technician Mentoring and Training

Employment Opportunities, Technician Mentoring and Training

( Discovering the Audio Visual Event Industry )

For those of you considering Recording Arts / Theatre Arts  as a post secondary education option, consider taking an introductory mentoring session offered by Throw Distance AV Services for an honest and frank discussion, on this amazing and sometimes controversial multimillion dollar industry. The aim is clear and simple, to provide you with real time information and options before making such a commitment to school and to the industry as a whole.

With school fees and tuitions increasingly on the rise it is important to discuss both sides of that proverbial coin in relation to Recording Arts and Live Production Businesses. At the crux of that discussion, the pros and cons of post secondary education versus on the job training. Hear both sides of that discussion in an open forum.

Find out all your options and possibilities, applicable avenues and skills which will render you a career and a good footing in this dynamic field. At the end of this mentoring series you will have made that decisions based on clear facts which are direct reflections of the industry as it currently stands.

Be part of this very unique experience where experts (not educators) in the field share the common truths which are almost never shared with “up and comers” looking to enter a post secondary course in Recording Arts/ Theatre Arts programs. Information is power.

Feel free to read my blog on this topic called Audio Visual Industry A “Sound” Alternative.

Thank you,

Nino Monaco
President and owner
Throw Distance AV Services