Drape and Fabrics

Drape and Fabrics

How do you add style and warmth to your event?

Drape and fabric have come a long way from its standard applications. Typically this was a matching black velour to run off projection screens for a clean and professional look. This is still quite a standard tried and true application.

Fabric has gone on to be used in more design friendly and theatrical ways from creating a space within a space, we have found in certain cases this to be a quick way to make a break out room within a main room. Kabuki drops and drape reveal systems are theatrical and add a certain drama to your event. Ask us about this Audio Visual Rentals item at Throw Distance Audio Visual Services.

A Kabuki drop is a method used in theatres and special events. A large drape or fabric which is hung on truss gets dropped to reveal your product or talent on stage quickly and dramatically.

A drape and reveal system is another way to add theatrics to your presentation consisting of a sturdy truss frame and drape rig combined with an electronic solenoid motor that moves the curtain on command. The frame is high strength steel resting on sturdy bases and the curtains are heavy duty velour available in a wide variety of colors. Available in heights up to 22 feet, pipe and drape is an economical and stylish way to partition an area or hide an area from view. When a drape reveal system is used, it becomes a dynamic way to add drama and excitement to any performance or presentation.

For conferences, seminars, and trade shows, there are endless uses for drape reveal. Masking off perimeter areas can create temporary breakout rooms. Pipe and drape can be used to create booths for a trade show that are quick and easy to set up, move and tear down. And of course, drape reveal is a stunning way to introduce your keynote speaker.

For your entertainment component and other performers, drape and reveal can take the drama and emotion of the show to a whole new level. Just imagine the excitement in the audience as the house lights go down, and dramatic stage lighting illuminates the curtain as it slowly rises or opens to reveal the entertainment. Imagine a wall of drape with stars shimmering on it. Our star curtains provide a great backdrop for any gala or special event.

Throw Distance AV Services has been providing event support for over 20 years, and we’re experts in drape reveal. Our friendly and knowledgeable audio visual technicians will deliver and set up your drape reveal system and draping to your specifications. We have taken the use of fabric from a standard application to creative and theatrical application sure to leave a lasting impact for your audience. Call us for the best in Audio Visual Rentals Toronto!