Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

Throw Distance AV Services has developed a one stop shop kit for Breakout Rooms.

Using this unique presentations system from Throw Distance AV Services, saves you time since everything is already integrated.

There is a cost effectiveness to these systems, you’ll save a bundle over renting the components separately and in labor costs. If you do however, have to modify our Breakout Room kits, we will make certain this happens for you just as seamlessly. Available as an Audio Visuals Rentals Item at Throw Distance Audio Visual Services. 

Our systems include an LCD projector, lapel microphone, audio mixer and computer audio interface and a portable powered speaker and stand. Just select an appropriately sized screen for your breakout room and you’re ready to go!

These smaller, more tightly focused environments allow presenters and attendees to work more closely together, network, ask questions and share ideas. As a presenter or event organizer, it’s important to make the breakout room experience just as exciting and dynamic as the main room presentations. Throw Distance AV can deliver all the technology you need to create a brilliant breakout room experience in an economical and easy to use package.

Throw Distance AV is a world-renowned provider of audio visual solutions for corporate events, trade shows, conferences and seminars. We’ve know and understand what it takes to create a winning breakout session. Our Breakout Room solutions are conveniently packaged with this in mind.

These systems are plug and play for yours, and the convenience of your presenters. Our technicians will walk you through the use of the technology for a winning result. Please contact Trow Distance AVS for the ultimate in Audio Visual Services Toronto.