Audience response systems

Audience response systems

How do you engage your audience and measure those metrics in real time?

When you make your presentation an interactive experience for your audience, you increase attention and interactivity, as you impact your audience members. One surefire way to incorporate an interactive element with your presentation is with an Audience Response System from Throw Distance AV Services. These systems allow the audience to give feedback to the presenter in real time, transforming a one sided message into a dynamic, information sharing session.

An Audience Response System is an Audio Visual Rentals Toronto item from Throw Distance AV Services. It is a high tech wireless device which is incredibly easy to use. The system consists of the hand held devices the audience uses to submit information and feedback, a base station connected to the presenter’s computer, and special software that manages the data and displays it in an easy to understand way. This system is integrated into HD projection and large format screens with a click of a button, information is revealed to you and your audience members instantly.

The benefits of an Audience Response System are many. The one highlighted point is the instant interactivity and connection between presenter an audience. This is applicable to presentation support, surveys, voting or elections, product knowledge and finally event entertainment. It has become a more cost effective tool to gather significant information from those attending your event and is highly effective in poll anonymity, instant reporting, audience attentiveness, enhanced learning, knowledge retention and post analysis.

At Throw Distance AV Services, we’re experts in supporting conferences, trade shows, seminars, and conventions with state-of-the-art technology. We also pride ourselves on delivering industry leading customer care, so you can be sure that when you are looking for Audio Visual Services and Audio Visual Rentals from us, you’re getting the latest technology and the best service available.